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Country Profile - Sudan

Sudan is a Northeastern African country with a population of 37 million and a life expectancy at birth of 60 years (males) and 64 years (females).  The Sudanese Government is organized as a decentralized federal state. Significant regional and urban–rural disparities represent huge challenges to the Ministry of  Health.  The National Health Sector Strategy 2012-16 places universal health coverage and primary health care high on its agenda within the framework of a decentralized local health system.

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Health in all policies and health policies for all: The Universal Health Coverage Partnership’s support for ground-breaking health policy-making in Sudan

Since the recent launch of the new Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), everyone is talking about the need to adopt an integrated, …


Momentum for Universal Health Coverage in Sudan

As part of the EU-LUX-WHO Partnership, national and international speakers attended a conference on UHC in Sudan in January 2014. …


Reports on Road Map Activities

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  • Finalized / In completion
  • On Track
  • Postponed
  • Cancelled
  • National Planning

  • Policy dialogue on formula for the equitable distribution of resources
  • 0%
  • Launch of the report of international conference on road to universal health coverage and the way forward – defining the details of roadmap for UHC
  • 100%
  • Meeting and policy dialogue on: (i) health security; (ii) environment & health; and (iii) human resource for health with focus on migration and retention strategies
  • 95%
  • M&E

  • Finalizing and signing of the local compact and joint review for better aid effectiveness
  • 80%
  • Human Resources

  • Policy dialogue on human resources for health policy
  • 0%
  • Medicines

  • Policy dialogue on defining pricing mechanism and thus improving the availability and affordability of medicine
  • 0%

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