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Country Profile - Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone is a West African country with a population of 6 million people and a life expectancy at birth of 45 years (male) and 46 years (female).  A debilitating 11-year-long civil war ended in 2002, leaving the country’s infrastructure and health system in tatters. Following years of slow progress, the government announced the Free Health Care Initiative in 2010. In 2014, Sierra Leone was one of the three countries most affected by the Ebola virus outbreak, with a total number of 3,799 reported deaths (WHO, March 2015). The country is still working towards putting a definite end to the epidemic (zero cases), as well as tackling its socio-economic impact. Accordingly, the EU-WHO Partnership roadmap’s initial focus is under review to take account of WHO’s ongoing support to the Ministry of Health for the elaboration and the integration of a medium-term Ebola recovery plan into the national health policy framework.

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Reports on Road Map Activities

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  • Finalized / In completion
  • On Track
  • Postponed
  • Cancelled
  • National Planning

  • FMS improvement plan
  • 100%
  • FMS improvement plan coordination support report
  • 50%
  • M&E

  • Community opinion survey combined with SARA & Community opinion feedback system for service improvement (guidelines, tools)
  • 90%
  • 2013 SARA+EmoNC report
  • 90%
  • Health Financing

  • Joint Funding Arrangement (JFA)
  • 100%
  • Human Resources

  • Develop HRH review
  • 0%
  • HR Training Plan
  • 85%

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Sierra Leone NHSSP Final Report

Last Updated Apr 10, 2016

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